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10 things mothers do to be smarter

10 things mothers do to be smarter, introduce some methods and details in life

10 things mothers do to be smarter

First, don't be stingy about your love for your baby

A secure attachment relationship is the foundation for your baby's future interpersonal relationships. Only when the baby has experienced all the positive emotions about love when he was a child can he feel safe and able to interact with others on an equal footing.

So, don't take your love seriously, get closer to your baby, and let him fully realize the intimacy of love in his close contact with his mother.

Actively respond to your baby

Before the baby can't speak, he can only communicate with you in his own way. Maybe it's a sound, an action or a facial expression, gaze or escape, but this is what your baby gives you.

Don't skimp on your response, you will find that your smile can calm the anxious baby gradually, he will cry less, and be quieter at night. This is because the baby is quieted by soothing or feeding, at this time his brain's anxiety response system is automatically turned off. But pay attention: you can't meet all his requirements, you only keep a positive response to the baby's suggestion, let him know that you understand his requirements.

3. Try to talk to your baby

All your conversations with your baby will lay a solid foundation for your baby's future learning. As your baby hears more and more words, the language processing function in the brain develops.

Try to talk, read, or sing with your baby as much as possible. At first, maybe just read simple picture books to him instead of trying to teach him. As your baby grows older, you can encourage him to participate by reading stories—repeat intonation and words, and slowly, he can do just like you.

Fourth, help your baby establish order

For babies, the establishment of order is crucial. The baby learns through repetition, which is also an important prerequisite for him to get a sense of security.


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