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Xiaoming uses a syringe, spring dynamometer, scale and other equipment to measure the value of atmospheric pressure. The steps are as follows

I. Overall interpretation

The examination papers are closely related to the textbooks and examination instructions. Starting from the basic knowledge familiar to the candidates, the students have examined the mathematical rational thinking ability and the ability to understand the nature of mathematics from multiple angles and levels. Based on the foundation, it is easy to be difficult, moderate to easy, Emphasizing application, not biasing and not blame, achieved the goal of "basic test, test ability, test quality". The knowledge content involved in the test paper is within the scope of the examination outline, covering almost all the important content of the knowledge learned in high school, and embodies the principle of "examination of key knowledge."

1. Back to textbooks, focusing on the basics

The test paper follows the principle of examining basic knowledge as the main body, especially most of the knowledge points in the test description are involved. Among them, the application questions and the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War are used as backgrounds. The value of educating talents, all these topics are designed to return to the teaching materials and middle school teaching practice, and have strong operability.

2. Set the difficulty and discrimination of the problem appropriately

Multiple-choice question No. 12 and blank-fill question No. 16 and answer question No. 21 are comprehensive problems, and the difficulty is relatively large. Students must not only have a strong ability to analyze and solve problems, but also have solid and profound basic mathematical skills. , But also to master the necessary mathematical ideas and methods, otherwise it is difficult to complete in a limited time.

3. Reasonable layout, comprehensive examination, investigation focusing on mathematical methods and ideas

In multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, answer questions, and one-choice questions, the examination papers repeatedly examined the key content of high school mathematics. Including functions, trigonometric functions, series, solid geometry, probability statistics, analytic geometry, derivatives, etc. These questions are based on knowledge and focus on ability, so that the mathematical thinking method and mathematical thinking mode run through the entire process of answering the test questions.

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